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We are proud to announce The Society members can now purchase "Back To The Studio" by Mr Peter Meares.

Peter has been a strong supporter of The Society for many years now, generously donating his time to interview speakers at our dinners.


Author background:

Brisbane-based Peter Meares has been a leading sports commentator for 40 years. He has called almost every popular sport, including Test cricket, rugby league and rugby union, basketball and tennis. He's covered Olympic and Commonwealth Games, and worked for the ABC, Channel 7 and Pay TV. He is the author of five books, most recently Tracey Wickham Treading Water.


Without doubt, we Aussies love our sport. We’ve got passionate opinions about the contest, the players, the refs and umpires – and about the commentators. Love ’em or loathe ’em, their calling of a game or race can lift something ordinary into the extraordinary, while their quick-thinking asides are often as timeless as the event itself.

In Back to the Studio, Peter Meares talks to more than 40 of Australia’s leading commentators to find out just what it’s like on their side of the mike. It’s all here: snappy quips, classic one-liners, first calls, funniest memories, best moments – and most embarrassing gaffes. Sure to delight every sports fan who’s ever thought they’d like a crack at the job and wondered what it takes to make it to the top.

Commentators featured in the book include:

·         Richie Benaud        

·         Ian Chappell

·         Ian Healy

·        Tony Greig

·         Max Walker

And many many more.......

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